the ferrand team

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Turning our dreams into a reality full of wonder is our daily mission at Ferrand Cognac.

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Alexandre Gabriel

Alexandre Gabriel, Owner and Master Blender has dedicated his life to the creation of exceptional cognacs for the last 30 years. Like a Maestro, his singular spirits composition wouldn't possible without a team of passionate experts. His vision has been consecrated in 2017 with the prestigious title of Distiller of The Year by the American Distilling Institute.

two mens in vines


Bénédicte, our Technical Director and Xavier, Vineyard Manager tend our vines each day in our home of Grande Champagne.

a man in distillery


Christophe and the team honor the past of 10 generations by following the ancestral technique of double distillation in Cognac.

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Harmony between time and our elixir is ensured by our cellar keepers Florian, Giovanni, Guillaume and Renaud over years, decades and even longer.

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Luc and his team compose with our elixirs made of character and emotion to create the most exceptional cognacs.

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Research & Development

Nicolas and Fannie dig deep into our archives to bring you never-ending inventions full of emotions.