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légendaire bottle in its box
légendaire bottle in its box

The heritage of the vine

Reaching deep into the fertile soil and back through the ages, the grapevines that grace the gentle slopes of Cognac’s Grande Champagne turn their succulent fruit to the sun like tributes to Mother Nature. These ancient vineyards – the Premier Cru de Cognac – are our home, the genesis of rare and precious cognacs with unique minerality and finesse that reflect the blessings of this storied land. Each grape is a world unto itself: a microcosm of an exceptional terroir of chalky Cretaceous limestone, warmed by abundant sunshine and refreshed by ocean breezes, unlike any other spot on earth.

Destiny is written in the twisting signature of these vines. Tended for centuries, some produced fruit that was distilled into fine eaux-de-vie generations ago. They slumbered peacefully for decades, sheltered from the tumult of the world above. Thus began the transformation that would make the oldest and best of these cognacs worthy of Légendaire.

Time’s divine intervention

When the angels are satiated and the cognacs they have guarded reach their peak of perfection, it is time for a final transcendent touch. The ancient barrels’ contents are transferred into a “zebra” wood cask where the magic of assemblage takes place. The barrel’s unique striped effect is due to staves that are progressively replaced by new ones every few years to lend even more complexity and finesse to the whole.

Making of a Masterpiece

Alexandre Gabriel, Master Blender of Ferrand Cognac for over 30 years, approaches each creation with a singular vision. For Légendaire, the chef d’oeuvre of Ferrand Cognac, he composes an assemblage of the most venerable cognacs in the Paradis. Each cognac lending its voice to the harmony of Légendaire contributes a unique tone, echoing its particular flavor profile, length of maturation and portion offered to the angels. The zebra-striped cask in which the assemblage comes together yields only 500 bottles of a truly sublime, one-of-a-kind cognac. It is the ultimate expression of the quest for perfection that defines Ferrand Cognac.

Time’s essence preserved in crystal

A cognac as distinguished and rare as Légendaire is destined to be served from a carafe as awe-inspiring as the unparalleled cognac it contains. The illustrious master crystal makers at Waltersperger created just such a magnificent vessel, a hand-blown crystal carafe crafted in the heart of the Bresle Valley in Upper Normandy in France. Just as Ferrand Cognac continues to uphold the art and savoir-faire of cognac, Waltersperger embodies the craftsmanship and quality that have been hallmarks of the Bresle Valley crystal making tradition since the 15th century. A work of art in itself, the crystal carafe recounts the wonders of Légendaire in superbly wrought imagery.

Experience the sublime

Légendaire’s many lifetimes in the Chais Paradis unveil rancio notes of chocolate, prune, sandalwood, tobacco, and nutmeg. With rare smoothness and complexity, subtly spicy aromas of clove, cardamom, pepper and paprika meld with the richness of buttered caramel, almond, vanilla and honey. A floral and fruity profile follows with dried rose, jasmine, saffron, passionfruit and old port wine.

The last phase of the Légendaire tasting experience conjures mandarin orange, blackberry and hawthorn combined with moss, cocoa and incense, enhancing the transcendent sensation of fullness and depth. Like the noble grape, Légendaire contains multitudes, a microcosm of the wonders of nature and centuries of craftsmanship culminating in this moment.