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1840 Original Formula

Researching the

past to reinvent

the future

bottle of 1840 original formulabottle of 1840 original formula

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A floral and fresh

cognac from the

rarest grapes

Bottle of AmbréBottle of Ambré

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10 Générations

Rooted in the

vineyards of Cognac

for ten generations

10 generations bottle10 generations bottle

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Double Cask Réserve

The complex

result of double

cask ageing

double cask reserve bottledouble cask reserve bottle

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Renegade III


When Ferrand meets the Jamaican Funk

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Sélection des Anges


the divine

Sélection des Anges bottleSélection des Anges bottle

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Dry Curaçao

An orange liqueur

to wake up

your cocktail

Dry Curaçao bottleDry Curaçao bottle

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Dry Curaçao Yuzu Late Harvest

A yuzu-infused liqueur

to amp up

your cocktail game

the collection

The Collection

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Single Cask

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Cognac Degustation


Inspired by cognacs used during the golden age of cocktail-making in the 19th century, Ferrand Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel partnered with friend and renowned cocktail historian David Wondrich to revive such a spirit. 1840 Original Formula is young and lively, yet richer in flavor and higher in proof than modern VS cognacs, offering ripe, juicy grape notes with spice and honey accents. Perfect for mixing excellently into cocktails.


The bold character of 1840 Original Formula is perfect for the alluringly fresh Mint Julep. Jerry Thomas, renowned 19th century bartender and one of the first to extensively compile cocktail recipes, made his classic Mint Julep with cognac. We highly suggest doing the same:

- 2.5 oz Ferrand 1840 Original Formula

- 0.5 oz simple syrup

- 15 mint leaves plus more for garnish

Gently muddle mint and syrup in bottom of julep cup. Add cognac and fill level with crushed ice. Gently stir until cup frosts over then top up with mound of fresh crushed ice and garnish with the reserved mint

Et voilà. In the words of Jerry Thomas himself, you now have yourself a “julep that is fit for an emperor.”

mint julep recipe

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