ferrand's library
ferrand's harvest book
stuffed owl
ferrand's old desk with old stuff like old papers, newspapapers and shells
ferrand's portrait
ferrand's portrait
old door
old map of cognac region in France
scribbled ferrand's logo
ferrand segonzac logo
stuffed ducks and birds
elie ferrand portrait on a wall
old cognac bottles
old man hands working on old papers
ferrand family in a field during harvest
blue decorative pattern
zebra with angel drawing
ferrand family children with horses during harvest
champain diploma delivered to elie ferrand in segonzac

A world filled with wonder

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we invite you to experience the wonderful with us

Enjoying Ferrand Cognac means not only partaking in a delicious moment, but partaking in a moment of sharing what impassions us to create these unexpected elixirs capable of bringing forth remarkable emotions.

Mr ferrand and a swan
Mr ferrand and a giant dog
Mr ferrand diploma delivered at 1900 universal exposition
Mr ferrand's manor

the wonder of ferrand

It starts in our vineyards in the heart of the prestigious Grande Champagne, premier cru de cognac

From our never-ending inventions that breathe new life into ancient techniques, to the shared moments between our skilled team and our eaux-de-vie, we instill each dropwith love.

With this hands-on approach from the vineyard to the bottle, we bring forth unique characteristics in our cognacs that lead to experiences and sensations like no other.

Mr ferrand and his wife in front of a giant tree
Mr ferrand in front of a lake
Cognac map

the roots

At Ferrand Cognac, we honor the innovative individuals who influenced our past as well as the history of cognac as a whole.

From 10 generations of sons named Elie Ferrand, all the way down to Mademoiselle Henriette Ranson-Ferrand we are inspired by their storied accomplishments and this cognac heritage. With great pride we carry on their creativity, their lust for life, and their passion for this wonderful spirit. 

Old picture of Ferrand workers collecting grapes in fields
Old picture of Ferrand workers collecting grapes in fields

the collection

We bring you a range of amber-hued elixirs, each with a singular quality.

From 1840 Original Formula, a historical cognac dreamt up with cocktails in mind, to Ambré, which highlights the Colombard grape, to 10 Générations, created to honor the rich heritage of the Ferrand family, each of our cognacs has a story. Together, they make up the constellation of Ferrand and twinkle with the secrets of the ages.